Generate your
code from the design in 5minutes

Cracker9 takes into account the development environment
A tool for developers to quickly and easily complete a design with UI code

Quickly get UI code
from design elements

As well as being able to quickly identify design element in formation.

Easily copy and paste directly into your development software.

Do not write a lot of UI code yourself, but create it with clicks

You do not have to type complex code when configuring your App

or Web UI Quickly generate UI code.

You can easilytype in your code withoutany extra learning time

Cracker9 does not have to take the time to study.

Select the layout and press the button to

generate the code

UI code is
generated as the graphic design
finished by the designer

Provide design information in an easy to understand way,You can get clean UI code by encouraging you to design

Start using Cracker9

Cracker9 enables the creation of an effective Android layout code.